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Building Relationships to Last a Lifetime


PPE–Pioneer Projects Executes Co. was established on 2013 as a general contracting company, specialized in design, construction, and fit-outs. PPE has enjoyed a remarkable steady growth for the past years due mainly to the support of its clients, the company's technical expertise and capabilities, the distinguished quality products and client service, the vision of the management, and the drive of the human resources team.

We can assist in every step of the project, from planning tailored solutions to manufacturing unique finishing and furnishings to meet the international quality standards.

PPE is a local establishment with international standards. We are committed to provide creative solutions with superior services that is financially viable in prompt timing.

Our mission, to be the leader in providing efficient and effective packaged solutions in the region with best-in-class services and operation.

Our values:

-  Commitment 

-  Integrity 

-  Quality 

-  Client Satisfaction

The company was established with a vision of its own “If you believe in it, work for it“.

Mohammed A. AlZamil

Pioneer Project Executer CEO


Tamairah Company (one of the sister companies of Pioneer Projects Executer) has signed an agreement for distribution to Hagleitner Company in Saudi Arabia. The CEO, Saad F. AlSaleh, and the founding partner, Mohammed A. AlZamil, said that signing this agreement is an extension of the confidence of international companies in the Saudi market and hospitality.

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We pride ourselves on our creative design team that engage with our customers to understand their wants and needs and find the perfect solutions that provide value results and happy customers.


Pioneer Projects provides construction services to exceed expectations on every project. By our high quality materials and experienced team we create a satisfaction customers within the perfect budget.


Finishing work is our duty, this step is very important because it reflects your project character. Our highly trained staff will help you to choose the best products and materials according to their experience and your budget.



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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please contact us.

         Company Profile 

Ibn Sina, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
AlQirawan, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

 [email protected]

+966 53 003 3351

+966 013 889 1443 Ext. 115

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